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Local Filmmaker Tanya Fermin gets film on National TV!

Local Filmmaker Tanya Fermin gets national exposure from her first film called “The Arrangements” as the writer, director and producer. "The Arrangements" has been chosen to be a part of "African American Short Films"! "African American Short Films", is a nationally syndicated television show, showcasing short films starring, produced, written and/or directed by African-Americans, which airs nationally in 90+ major markets throughout the United States. “The Arrangements” is AIRING NOW, and on their website via their Video On Demand program (VOD). Air dates, TV stations and times are posted on the Badamitv Facebook page, Twitter and their Now Playing page ( Tanya states, “The Arrangements” is based on a conversation that I had with my mother and aunt while sitting around the dining room table discussing the “final” arrangements of my grandmother- Mrs Othelia M Pridgen. As a family, we decided to do in-home hospice care and when the nurses came in, they were the most caring people I’d ever met. They inspired me to do the film. This film is not only a tribute to my grandmother but my hope is that it opens a dialog with families about making the final "arrangements" for themselves and their loved ones. Everyone should have some sort of idea of what to do before something happens-this is why I am so passionate about this issue. I am creating conversation about a serious subject through entertainment. The film stars five local actresses, Regina McLeod, Antoniia Perkins, Dee Dee Lewis, Ardella Haynes and Joan Harris Craig. Finally, I would like to invite you to see this poignant and humorous film –created by a talented cast and crew and start the conversation.” To find out more about The Arrangements project check out

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