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Blessings Around Every Corner-The Vision List-Part 1  

I stood in the store looking at this bed for the longest. It was the exact color of the hope chest (the one I won when I registered at a wedding event 15 years ago). It was the exact color of the changing table (the one I came across a year ago in anticipation for our new arrival). It was the exact color of the crib (the one that our little one has outgrown). I just didn’t have the funds on me at the time to pay for it-yet moments later I was riding with it in the back of the car. Let me start from the beginning.

It was late January of 2011 and I was doing what I do every morning-reviewing my to-do list. Not just any to-do list but the Vision List. I carry it everywhere I go. It has pictures of all of the things I want to achieve. I try to work on my Vision List everyday. So this day I had a made-up mind to write out step-by-step how I was going to achieve some of the items on the list. As I scrolled down the list I thought about one of the biggest items-to add to our family. So I did what I needed to do before I started writing-PRAY.

I took a moment and focused on what I wanted-now this is an important step-to have clarity -and for me and in this instance to listen. The next thing I heard was an advertisement on the radio about a foster to adopt program. Classes were being held immediately and to call the number. With pen in hand-I quickly jotted down the number-I couldn’t hep but see it as a sign-after all hadn’t I just prayed about it?

We started the classes that very afternoon. It was 10 weeks of Q&A, role playing, background checks and plenty of soul searching. We included all of the family to let them know of our intentions-everybody’s life was about to change. My husband and I got asked a lot-are you sure this is what you want to do? We had discussed it from the beginning of our relationship-we were absolutely sure.

It wasn’t a quick process-there were delays and there was the hurry up and wait phase-but we continued to pray and we just got things ready. I set up the room as if a baby would arrive any day-and the days passed and the months passed-yet there was one thing that we continued to do-we spoke our intentions into the atmosphere. We let people know that soon we were going to have a baby-we expected it.

My story will be different on how my child arrived to this world. I didnt expect him or her for 9 months-I feel like I waited a lifetime. I wont be able to say how I felt when he or she kicked for the first time-but I can say without a shadow of a doubt how much I wanted him or her. How much we wanted him or her and how we make plans daily for their lives-although we had never met.

In October-we received a call stating that we had finally gotten our license. I broke down and cried-my social worker cried too-it was an awesome feeling. Just to know that soon a child would be in our lives had us jumping up and down-the anticipation was undescribeable and it reached a frantic pace because an hour later we received a call to pick up our foster son. Needless to say-we were stunned.

A few hours later-we found ourselves in Walmart-with a toddler in tow-we needed to buy food, pampers, clothes and a host of other items that we just didn’t have or expected to have. We had a very energetic child that seemed to be more like the energizer bunny. The only down time we have is when he is asleep-and it is a wonderful feeling. This child gives out so much love just by exsisting and when he laughs you have to join in.

As we go through the foster and adopt program we know that it is a process-one that we fully embrace full steam ahead-where we hope to make a difference in the children’s lives and if at all possible-in the birth parent’s lives.

In January of this year-we received another call-this time it was different-this time they asked were we still looking to adopt. Of course our answer was yes and much like the first time, in a matter of hours a child was placed in our arms. The outpouring of love has been amazing-as soon as we put the word out to our close circle of friends who went through the process with us, items started to arrive at the house.

I took off time from work to get things settled-now that we had two children we have to learn a new dynamic-a new balance. Doctor’s appointments, social worker appointments and agency appointments take up a lot of time-but all worth it.

So back to the present-as I stood in the store wondering to myself how I was going to get this bed-so my child would have his own place to lay his head and the new addition to our family who needs the crib would have their own space-a woman placed her hand on my shoulder and asked-which bed was I looking at. I told her and she said-I am going to buy it for you-when I asked her why-she simply said because she wanted to-she went to the register-paid for it and helped me load it.

I asked her if I could give her a hug-which she allowed and as tears flowed down my face I thanked her profusely for being a blessing to my children. There are indeed blessings around every corner and I praise God for each and every one.

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