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About Tanya Fermin

It’s been a few years since singer/songwriter Tanya Fermin came on to the scene in Northern California. Now she has moved to North Carolina and is re-releasing her debut studio LP, ‘Special Invitation’ which  received rave reviews. Critics quickly concluded that Tanya Fermin was a talent to watch in the Millennium, with concluding that “the R&B style Tanya favors features the kind of old school soul groove that’s frequently favored by `smooth’ jazz stations. On the other hand, she has real straight ahead chops…She’s variously steamy, exultant and confiding in tone, always giving the sense that she’s singing to you, personally. Her rich vocal palette has the ability to cross genres freely, she’s ready for airplay success.” 


 Popular critic Keith ‘MuzikMan’ Hannaleck, meanwhile, observed that Tanya’s “voice is rich and deep with expressiveness and those aspects come through beautifully…Her voice is so flexible and strong that it could adapt to any genre of music without difficulty.”  Over the course of the past few years, Tanya Fermin has received  additional media coverage from such popular music media as,,,,,,, and The CD is available for purchase at on sale now for only $15.


"Recently, I took some time off from recording to write and direct two new film projects. The Arrangements and HAON" 


To keep up with these projects, or Tanya’s various related musical goings-on, visit her online and Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!



 In addition-Tanya is a motivational speaker and trainer- Conducting seminars across the US. 

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